Do you provide the latest version of DotNetNuke?

We can preinstall the latest released version of DotNetNuke if requested during ordering or through a support request
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How do I upgrade my DotNetNuke to the latest version

Please read through this fantastic guide by Mitchel Sellers on upgrading...

How can I point two of my domains to my DNN installation?

You should add the second domain as a Domain Alias, then add the domain name as a Host Header in...

Can I load my own DNN modules into my DNN portals?

You are able to load any module either free. purchased or written by yourself.

Is it possible to setup 3 DotNetNuke websites (3 separate businesses) to share the 1 SQL Db?

DNN has a built in function called portals. You can setup domain aliases on your hosting account...

Can I load custom skins and applications to my hosted DotNetNuke site?

Yes, Each domain can have it's own DNN installation which gives the domain owner full admin and...